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In this article, I explain the fundamentals of day trading and how day trading is different from other styles of trading and investing. In the process, I also describe important trading strategies that many traders use each day. This article is deliberately short so readers will actually finish reading it and not get bored halfway through and put it to one side. We are all distracted by Internet diversions, emails, Facebook and Instagram notifications, and the dozens of other apps that we have on our smartphones and tablets. Therefore, this article is concise and it is practical.

If you are a beginner trader, this article will equip you with an understanding of where to start, how to start, what to expect from day trading, and how you can develop your own strategy. Simply reading this article will not make you a profitable trader. Profits in trading do not come from reading one or two posts, but, as I will explain later, profits can come with practice, the right tools and software, an…