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3-Day Bangkok Itinerary For First Timers (Thailand)

Bangkok is our preferred city on the planet.

It was the primary spot we arrived in when we originally left the UK in 2006 and it's never left our hearts.

It's such an immense city, that there is such a great amount to see and do. We've lived there twice there's still more for us to see.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you just have 3 days in Bangkok, we have a few spots we'd suggest you see.

Our Bangkok agenda will demonstrate to you a portion of Bangkok's key sights, however we likewise need to demonstrate to you some increasingly off-the-beaten-track activities there.

So expect a portion of the commonplace recommendations combined with some progressively irregular ones

Step by step instructions to Spend 3 Days in Bangkok

We generally wish for additional time in a spot however here and there it's simply impossible. Here's all that we figure you can crush in with just 3 days in Bangkok. On the off chance that you have additional time, you could spread these things out more, or take on a portion of our extra proposals beneath.

Bangkok Itinerary: Day One

On your first day in Bangkok, you should see the fundamental sanctuaries to kick yourself off.

Get up and out early on the grounds that it will be extremely hot and the white dividers of the Grand Palace pull in the warmth and it resembles a broiler! The fundamental notable locales in Bangkok are altogether arranged on Rattanakosin Island, which is less an island than a twist in the Chao Praya waterway.

These are on the whole strolling separation to the Banglampu region of the city on the off chance that you are remaining close Khao San Road, however you'll have to take a riverboat or taxi in the event that you are originating from Sukhumvit or Silom.

The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace used to be the official living arrangement of the Kings of Siam. In spite of the fact that the ongoing Kings haven't lived there, it is as yet utilized for authority works by the Royal Family and there are working illustrious workplaces in the grounds.

It's comprised of different structures set in greenhouses, with the focal point being the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, a standout amongst the most significant Buddhist images.

The Emerald Buddha is a little, green statue of a situated Buddha and just the King of Thailand is permitted to contact it. Three times each year, when the seasons change, the King changes the Buddha's garments in a function.

Contingent upon where you are staying, you can venture out to the Grand Palace by riverboat, by walking, by tuk or by taxi. In the event that you pass by riverboat, get off at Tha Chang dock. From that point, it's a simple stroll to the Grand Palace entrance.

Passage costs 500 baht and this likewise incorporates access to Vimanmek Palace and Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall. You will be drawn closer by different individuals offering you a guided visit.

Kate's folks took one of them up on their offer and had an exceptionally intriguing visit. Simply concur on the value you are set up to pay before they start the visit.

Fantastic Palace Dress Code

The Grand Palace is a sacred site, thus there is an exacting clothing standard. Signs while in transit to the castle and outside will disclose to you how you should dress.

Ladies must cover their shoulders and their legs with no noteworthy attire. Men need to wear long pants and a since quite a while ago sleeved shirt. Fundamentally, conceal.

As a lady, we'd suggest a maxi dress or long skirt, with a shirt or sleeved light cardigan over your shoulders. For men, lightweight pants and a shirt. On the off chance that you touch base at the Grand Palace and you are erroneously dressed, you can lease something to cover yourself up at the passage.

Try not to attempt to push the clothing regulation. It's a matter of regard to dress appropriately for such a significant sight.

Cautioning: Grand Palace Scam

While you are moving toward the Grand Palace, you might be addressed by a Thai individual who discloses to you that the Grand Palace is shut today.

It may be a direct result of a Buddhist celebration, or we were once told, "on the grounds that the King is cleaning". Presently, the Grand Palace does close at times for authority business BUT–Check with your lodging before you leave. The Palace is once in a while really shut.

For the most part, this well disposed individual will disclose to you that there are different sanctuaries to see and that you ought to take a quick trip and see the Lucky Buddha sanctuary, that is just open today. See underneath in the area on tuk tricks to discover how this works out yet the primary concern to know is, don't confide in them and move about your day.

Wat Po

Near the Grand Palace is Wat Po, the sanctuary of the leaning back Buddha, one of the most established sanctuaries in Bangkok.

The leaning back Buddha is an about 50m long picture of Buddha in his leaning back stage, in the blink of an eye before he entered Nirvana. It's an extremely great statue. The sheer size is inconceivable, it's extremely difficult to get a photograph of the entire thing since it's so long.

Look at the feet. These are tremendous and adorned with Buddhist images.

Around the statue are 108 dishes. You'll see Thais putting a coin into each bowl as they stroll around. This is one approach to make 'merit' – to verify a high caliber next life headed straight toward edification.

The grounds of Wat Po fill in as an instructional hub for Thai back rub, and it's a decent spot to encounter one.

A 30-minute full body knead or a foot back rub is under 300 baht ($10 USD). You can even complete an instructional class on the most proficient method to give different sorts of Thai back rubs, however you just have three days in Bangkok, so you'll need to spare this for some other time.

Access to Wat Po costs 200 baht. As a Thai sanctuary, despite everything you have to conceal to visit this sanctuary, yet you'll be wearing garments reasonable for the Grand Palace, so you ought to be alright.

Wat Arun

The third of the 'must see' sanctuaries on your Bangkok schedule is the Temple of the Dawn, Wat Arun. This comprises of an about 80m high focal pinnacle, beautified with fired pieces, with four littler towers around the edge.

From Wat Po, head to Tha Tien Pier. From that point, you can take a little ship over the stream to the sanctuary. Passage costs around 50 baht.

Bangkok National Museum

In the wake of visiting those three sanctuaries, it's presumably getting close to the center of the day and hot, hot, hot. To dodge out of the warmth for some time, the National Museum is a decent alternative.

This historical center houses a wide range of fascinating Thai ancient rarities, including weapons, melodic instruments, garments, and statues.

There's likewise a display of memorial service chariots utilized in illustrious incinerations, and a house that used to be lived in by one of the Thai sovereigns.

When we last went to the National Museum, it was not long after the last King had passed away and we saw skilled workers setting up the memorial service chariots for his incineration.

The National Museum doesn't open on Mondays or Tuesdays, so if two of your three days in Bangkok fall on nowadays, you'll need to design around it.

Bangkok Klong (Canal) Tour

Bounce back on the riverboat and head to Saphan Taksin dock. You'll discover heaps of individuals touting their voyages through the waterways of Bangkok by since quite a while ago followed pontoon.

A vessel can situate 4-6 individuals and will cost around 1,500-2000 baht for 1-2 hours. There are various visits investigating diverse areas.We'd suggest the trenches at Thonburi and the Royal Barges Museum.

The pontoon will remove you from the primary stream and down the thin trenches. Either side you'll see nearby Thai houses on stilts, sanctuaries, schools and other neighborhood structures. Kids will play next to the waterway, individuals will rowboats close to you, men will angle.

There are huge screen reptiles that live in the channels so in the event that you are fortunate, you'll spot one swimming past or lolling on the banks. It's an exquisite preview of neighborhood life.

The Royal Barges Museum houses a few fancy longboats that are utilized in the waterway parades on exceptional Thai services. We've never really observed the Royal Barges parade, yet we'd love to.

The fundamental canal boats have enormous cut nonentities delineating characters from Thai folklore, for example, mythical beasts and monsters. They are canvassed in gold leaf and painted in splendid hues.

They are amazing, even out of the water. Envision how astounding they look when being paddled by up to 50 rowers in customary dress.

Khao San Road

As night attracts, discover your way to the Banglampoo territory of the city, to the (im)famous Khao San Road. You can pass by riverboat to Pier 13 – Phra Athit and stroll from that point.

Have you seen the film The Beach? Where Leonardo di Caprio's character stays when he initially arrives and where he finds the guide to the Beach is Khao San Road. It's not the hiker jump that it was the point at which that book was composed.

The modest flophouses with slight dividers have been supplanted by rather decent lodgings and guesthouses, with a few 7-11 accommodation stores in the middle.

Some normal guests to Bangkok will instruct you to maintain a strategic distance from Khao San Road since it isn't truly Thai, or on the grounds that it's brimming with westerners, or tricks, or for some other reason.

All these are most likely obvious. Be that as it may, we'd prescribe you experience it. It's a fun spot to hang out at night, and the climate is extraordinary. In the event that you go there on a Saturday, you'll see bunches of youthful Thais celebrating also.

Take some time just to stroll here and there Khao San Road, and the parallel road, Soi Rambuttri ('soi' signifies thin road in Thai). Soi Rambuttri proceeds to the opposite side of the primary street. On this side, it winds around a sanctuary and you can really walk right around, up certain stairs, through a guesthouse entryway and back onto the fundamental street.

We used to do that highway a great deal when we were stuck in Bangkok during the 2008 challenges, while in transit to our showing work in Vietnam.

Along the roads are slows down selling shirts, elephant print pants (a great purchase on the off chance that you need long pants for the Grand Palace, and they will keep you cool, yet every other person will wear a similar garments), cut wooden trimmings, adornments, used books, sacks, compositions and fine art and a gigantic scope of other stuff. It's great to complete a touch of keepsake shopping.

The structures house bars and eateries, trip specialists, knead parlors, guesthouses, and tattoo shops. In the event that you need a tattoo as a keepsake from your Bangkok trip, we prescribe Bangkok Ink, at the base of Khao San Road alongside Burger King. Kris has had two tattoos there and was exceptionally content with the specialists.

Where to Eat and Drink

Different slows down sell cushion thai, spring moves, smoothies and other Thai road sustenance.

It's not the best zone for road nourishment in Bangkok using any and all means – for that we'd suggest road sustenance in Silom, where we used to work, Chinatown, or one of the numerous night showcases in Bangkok.

In the event that you do need road sustenance there, there is a gathering of slows down inverse Gecko Bar on Soi Rambuttri that cook some delicious curries and saut├ęs If you haven't attempted it yet, request some Thai fricasseed rice. It's our outright most loved Thai dish.

Is anything but a side dish, it's a dinner in itself. Request 'nam pla' to go with it. It's fish sauce with slashed bean stew. Truly, I know. Fish sauce stinks like something passed on. It did. The fish did before it was spread out to dry in the sun. Be that as it may, blended into the seared rice, it's flavorful.

Locate a decent spot sitting above the road, snatch a Thai brew – we'd prescribe Singha as Chang will in general have a more grounded taste and is commonly more grounded liquor substance, and watch the world pass by.

Some great spots for people viewing are Gecko Bar on Soi Rambuttri, which has plastic seats outside, or any of the little places on Khao San Road, BEFORE around 7 pm. Now it gets LOUD! Fine on the off chance that you need to party, yet don't hope to have the option to hold a discussion.

Another alternative for investigating this zone is to have a 'mobile lager'. You can purchase a lager from any of the 7-11 accommodation stores in the region, who will open it for you. You can meander around, drinking your brew and seeing everything to see.

Where to Stay in Banglampu

We suggest remaining in the Banglampu region as you're near all the activity without being directly amidst it since you know, rest is decent what not. In the event that you remain IN Khao San Road, don't anticipate a wink of rest.

Lodging – Here Hostel Bangkok

Guesthouse – Taraplace Hotel Bangkok

Lodging – Casa Nithra

Bangkok Itinerary: Day Two

Yesterday was an occupied and rather hot day, so today we should remain somewhat cooler. Bangkok isn't simply history, it's likewise present day. On day 2 of our Bangkok agenda, we're going to see a portion of the more present day regions.

You probably won't imagine that malls are some place you need to investigate on the off chance that you just have 3 days in Bangkok, yet trust us, Bangkok strip malls are something different.

Terminal 21

Take a Skytrain to Asok, or the metro to Sukhumvit. This is the place the metro and Skytrain lines meet.

Our first strip mall of the day is Terminal 21. As the name proposes, this has an airplane terminal subject. Each floor speaks to an alternate city: London, Istanbul, Tokyo, San Francisco, Paris… ..There are statues of sumo wrestlers, a London transport, a model of the Golden Gate Bridge and parcels progressively cool things to Instagram.

On the off chance that you are eager, the sustenance court Pier 21 on the fifth floor has some scrumptious, shabby Thai dishes to attempt. In the same way as other nourishment courts, you have to purchase a card stacked with cash, and after that utilization this card for whatever dishes you need.

You can get any extra cash discounted. You could get some cushion thai, however truly, what's the arrangement with cushion thai? For what reason do individuals cherish it to such an extent?

What about something else? Attempt cushion siew – wide level rice noodles with kale, egg and chicken, or rad na – similar noddles in sauce.


Leaving Terminal 21 and strolling towards Soi 33, you'll come to EmQuartier strip mall. This is brimming with wash architect shops, so you might not have any desire to shop.

It's somewhat of a labyrinth, however search for the Water Garden, which is extremely lovely, has incredible perspectives over Bangkok, and has a bizarre helix formed eatery region, where you stroll up in a winding.


Hop on the Skytrain Silom line and get off at Siam. Here, there are a few distinctive malls to investigate. The Siam Discovery Center has as of late experienced redesign and now marks itself as an 'exploratorium' with each floor called a 'lab' with an alternate topic. The floors have an intriguing determination of present day statue-type work of art and establishments.

Siam Paragon is another upmarket shopping center loaded with architect shops, while Siam Center appears to have been intended for young people, with heaps of brilliant hues, and current craftsmanship.

MBK is the spot to go in the event that you need innovation as there are lines of camera slows down, cell phone shops, and PC recreations, just as garments and baggage.

Bangkok Art and Cultural Center

After you've had your fill of the malls, Bangkok Art and Cultural Center is alongside MBK.

It's a craftsmanship exhibition of Thai workmanship, predominantly contemporary craftsmanship, with changing shows and little stalls where neighborhood specialists show their own specialty. It's allowed to get in and well worth meandering around. There is additionally some cool road craftsmanship on the dividers sitting above the skybridge.

Jim Thompson's House

On a similar side of the street as the Bangkok Art and Cultural Center, stroll along the way to Soi Kasem San 2. Toward the finish of this back road, you'll discover Jim Thompson's House, a wonderful teak building loaded with Thai craftsmanship.

Jim Thompson was an American expat who set up a silk material generation business in Thailand, sending out the silk universally.

He constructed his home dependent on nearby Thai engineering plans and it's truly shocking. It's arranged beside one of Bangkok's numerous klongs (waterways) and has quiet gardens.

What's fascinating about Jim Thompson is the puzzle in regards to his vanishing. Thinking back to the 1960s, he disappeared during a climb in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia and in spite of huge endeavors, he, nor his body, were never found. We've both perused the book Jim Thompson: The Unsolved Mystery, which, in spite of the fact that the title is a remarkable spoiler, is extremely intriguing.

Another fascinating interpretation of this secret is the blog of individual bloggers, Bob and Linda. Bounce went to class in the Cameron Highlands and was a piece of the inquiry party.

His accounts of experiencing childhood in Southeast Asia during the 60s are captivating, and I'd truly prescribe perusing his post about scanning for Jim Thompson.

To see Jim Thompson's House, you need to complete a guided visit. You'll get a visit time when you purchase the ticket, and after that the guide will demonstrate you around and clarify the historical backdrop of the house and increasingly about the craftsmanship there.

Sundowners in a Rooftop Bar

Tonight you have to look at one, or a few, of Bangkok's housetop bars.

The perspectives from them are mind boggling and tasting a mixed drink while watching nightfall over Bangkok and the lights please over the phenomenal cityscape isn't to be missed. When we lived in Bangkok, we had a nineteenth floor loft with city perspectives and never became weary of taking a gander at it.

Lamentably, all the housetop places we attempted when we last lived in Bangkok have since shut (I'm certain it's nothing we did… ..).

Be that as it may, we've heard beneficial things about Sky Bar at The Lebua on Silom Road – the one that is in The Hangover 2 film. It's not shabby however, using any and all means, and a mixed drink is going to hinder you in any event 500 baht.

→ Editors Note: I've been to The Lebua various occasions and even remained a couple of evenings in the lodging, I can affirm, it's 100% justified, despite all the trouble! Regardless of whether you request the least expensive the thing on the menu (tea or espresso) simply get up there before dawn to get a tolerable spot and to see the city abandon day to night.

On the off chance that you are in the Asok territory, companions suggest Above 11 on Soi 11. Mixed drinks here are strangely Peruvian or Japanese themed, and somewhat less expensive than Sky Bar, at around 350 baht each. Soi 11 has some other cool spots to drink also, so you can undoubtedly proceed onward from that point.

Our preferred bar, Hemingways, shut during a few time back to clear path for another inn or strip mall. They have revamped it on Soi 11, so we'd suggest giving that a shot when it opens. The nourishment was constantly amazing.

On the off chance that you incline toward lager to mixed drinks, Brewski is likewise prescribed by companions. It's a specialty brew bar on the 30th floor of the Raddison Blu inn on Sukhumvit street close to Terminal 21.

There are commonly clothing regulations for these housetop bars, so don't attempt to get in with flipflops or shorts on.

Where to Stay in Sukhumvit

Lodging – Oneday Hostel Sukhumvit 26

Guesthouse – Room@Bangkok Boutique Guesthouse

Lodging – Hotel Clover Asoke

Day 3

Blast Krachao – Bangkok's Green Lung

It's a great opportunity to escape the city totally. Blast Krachao is a fix of green space in the curve of the Chao Praya stream. There are just a couple of streets, with raised solid ways taking you above plants and trees, what's fundamentally a wilderness.

There's a nation park with a lake in the inside, a gliding market at the end of the week, and neighborhood houses based on stilts. The Siamese battling fish historical center is an odd display of various battling fish in dishes.

To get the chance to Bang Krachao, you have to discover Wat Klong Toey, where you can get a since quite a while ago followed vessel over to the opposite side of the stream.

Once there, you'll discover a stand leasing bicycles, so you can ride around and investigate, despite the fact that we want to walk. The ladies on the stand will give you a guide of the zone so you can discover what to see.

Go through the day investigating the zone, either by walking or by bicycle. On the off chance that you are feeling exceptionally vivacious, the Tree House is an eco-accommodating lodging and eatery on the opposite side of the zone, where you can eat and additionally a brew investigating the stream.

Ratchada Train Market

Individuals who come as vacationers dependably put Chatuchak Weekend Market on their Bangkok agenda. On the off chance that you need to go, reasonable enough, however it's very out of sight the city and, occupied.

Our preferred market in Bangkok is the Ratchada Train Market. It's near the city, at the Thai Cultural Center Metro stop, and it's unquestionably more prevalent with Thais than with sightseers so you can perceive how Thais 'do' night markets.

Ratchada Train Market is a night showcase, so you are going to head here after the sun has gone down for some nourishment, drink and investigation. The market has lines of slows down, just as corners in old structures and in old transportation containers.

Slows down sell garments, shoes, and adornments, others sell vintage and high quality products. Bars siphon unmistakably music, while others have live groups performing or DJs. You can get a trendy person hair style, get an old record and purchase a mixed drink from the back of a VDub camper van.

There's a wide assortment of nourishment on offer, from Thai bar-b-que fish and hotpots, fiery servings of mixed greens and noodle dishes, to pizza and flame broiled cheddar. A portion of our top picks are chunks loaded up with cheddar, ham, fish and different things.

You can purchase nourishment from a few unique slows down and take it to eat in any bar. Lager can be purchased by the jug and by the can for a rebate. Like Khao San Road, you can purchase a mobile brew from a slow down and meander around, looking at what to purchase, and after that settle down in whichever bar you extravagant

Extra—Bangkok Itinerary: Day 4

I realize this is a multi day Bangkok schedule, however I'm going to swindle a little and make a recommendation for on the off chance that you may most likely press in an additional day to your Bangkok agenda.

You can go whale and dolphin viewing from Bangkok. Not what you'd anticipate, correct?

In the Gulf of Thailand, there are Bryde's Whales just as Irrawaddy dolphins. Wild Encounter Thailand takes gatherings out on a vessel to see them from Bangkok. It's an amazing background on the off chance that you have time.

We expounded more on it in our post Whale and Dolphin Watching from Bangkok.

Instructions to Get Around Bangkok

Bangkok has a broad open transport framework, made up of the Skytrain, the Metro, and the waterway pontoons. There are transports, however the traffic is dreadful and they are very confined and awkward, so we wouldn't prescribe them.

Bangkok Skytrain and Metro

The advanced pieces of the city are served by the Skytrain and Metro framework. The Skytrain, otherwise called the BTS, has two lines – the Sukhumvit line from Mo Chit in the north, to Samut Prakarn in the east.

The metro keeps running from Hualampung railroad station in Chinatown to Bang Sue, where you can join the purple line and past. You are probably not going to need to take the purple line. Tokens for both can be purchased in stations and the cost relies upon the quantity of stations that you are voyaging. The machines are in English and it's everything exceptionally simple.

The trade stations are Siam for the two Skytrain lines, and Asok/Sukhumvit and Silom/Sala Daeng to transform from the metro to the Skytrain or visa versa.

Tuk Tuks and Taxis

Just as this, there are tuk tuks and taxis. Travel by tuk is something you should encounter once during your three days in Bangkok, however remember that they are uproarious, hot and you will take in a great deal of contamination. To take a tuk, you have to arrange a cost with the driver before you get in.


Cabs are splendidly shaded and drive around the lanes. To stop one, stand out your arm and wave it here and there.

The driver will stop and you disclose to him where you need to go. In the event that he needs to take you, at that point he'll concur and you get in. Some of the time you are going excessively out of sight their direction, or they are near completing their work day so they will cannot.

Bangkok taxis all have a meter and the driver should utilize it.

In vacationer regions, as around Asok on Sukhumvit, and Khao San Road, the driver will won't take you on the meter, yet arrange a cost with you. In the event that you are glad to do this, at that point proceed, or simply close the entryway and locate an alternate taxi.

Note that consulting with them will frequently result in a more expensive rate than the meter in any case, finding a taxi in these zones to take you while utilizing their meter may gobble up some time! At times you'll need to ask five cabs before one will consent to utilize their meter.

To arrange, choose the amount you are set up to pay. This is a lot simpler on the off chance that you have effectively taken a taxi on the meter and you know the cost. You can likewise ask at your lodging or guesthouse how much a taxi to your goal ought to be. At occupied occasions, take a stab at multiplying your offer so they will take you.

Tuk Scams

All the time when you are strolling around the sanctuary territory of Bangkok, a savvy looking Thai person will approach you and connect with you in discussion. He'll at that point suggest you see an exceptional sanctuary that is just open today. Today is an extraordinary Buddhist occasion, he will let you know, and you ought to take a brief trip and see it. It's commonly the Lucky Buddha that you have to see.

Similarly as he's disclosing to you this, a tuk will drive past and back off. The amicable Thai man will propose that you take this tuk to see the sanctuary. While in transit to the sanctuary you will likely likewise be taken to at any rate one tailor, where the tuk driver gets a commission for taking you.

He may likewise take you to an affirmed 'TAT' office (Tourist Authority of Thailand) where they will recommend you book your forward movement. Remember that TAT doesn't really have any vacationer workplaces, and spots professing to be are not to be trusted.

At the sanctuary, you will be informed that there are some Thai diamonds that are being sold all around economically today as it were…

We've heard that occasionally there's a western individual there as well, who'll disclose to you that they have a genuine deal and that they've officially made cash selling these pearls on at home.

You can purchase these jewels efficiently in Thailand, and after that sell them when you get back home. It will be an extraordinary method to gain cash (they let you know).

On the off chance that you do succumb to this and pay for the jewels, they'll either offer to present them on your location at home, or they'll give you the genuine pearls. This goes one of two different ways.

It is possible that they never touch base at your home, or the diamonds you have purchased go out to simply be shabby glass. This may appear as though something nobody would fall for, however we've met in any event two individuals who've had this transpire.

Taxi Scam

Around numerous places of interest, there will be cabs stopped up. Try not to take these ones. They will need to charge you definitely more than the meter cost. Stop a taxi that is driving near and somewhat further far from the place of interest.

Step by step instructions to Get From the Airport in Bangkok

Airplane terminal Link

Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport (the 'I' toward the end is quiet) is associated with the Metro and SkyTrain by the Airport Link. To join the Skytrain, go as far as possible at Phaya Thai. For the metro, get off at Makkasan. The toll is 35 or 45 baht.


To take a taxi, go to the ground floor of the airplane terminal. Overlook anybody offering you a taxi in the air terminal structure and the limousine administrations. Take a ticket from the machine. On it will be a stall number. Go to the stall and that is your taxi. They should take you on the meter. If not, there's a number to approach your ticket.

Wear Muang Airport

It's ideal to know that there are really two air terminals in Bangkok. Suvarnabhumi is the new airplane terminal. The first airplane terminal, Don Muang houses a significant number of the spending carrier flights, so your forward flight may go from that point.

Shockingly, there isn't an Airport Link to this air terminal. You have to either take a taxi or a transport. Transports go to Morchit BTS Station, Victory Monument, Lumpini Park and Khao San Road and cost 150 baht.

In case you're somewhat careful about transportation in Bangkok or anyplace else in Southeast Asia, you can undoubtedly book numerous courses through You can buy on the web, with zero arranging, no way of getting misled, and without finding a dependable spot around the local area to buy a ticket from! It's really simple, simply search here.

Where will you follow Thailand?

Laos | Malaysia | Singapore | Indonesia | Philippines | Cambodia | Vietnam

Ideally, we've given you some smart thoughts for your three days in Bangkok. We've attempted to propose some various exercises that we wanted to do when we lived in Bangkok. As a matter of fact, it's made me miss Bangkok a considerable amount and in the event that you are going there now, I'm somewhat desirous! Have an extraordinary time, and eat ALL the sustenance!

So what are you most eager to do on your Bangkok agenda? Tell us in the remarks!


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