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Comment: We urgently need smartphones with even more cameras

Supposedly brings Samsung Galaxy A9 Star / Pro in a few weeks, a smartphone with 4 (!) Back cameras. Will the madness ever end?

I am old. So old that when I was a puberty, I used to maul my first tenderly sprouting whiskers with a wet shaver that came out with a single blade. Some clever man then came up with the idea that shaving becomes much more thorough when you use two blades instead of one.

The things sold like sliced ​​bread, until at some point someone had an insane inspiration: Let's try it with three blades. Today, many men shave with razors that rely on a system with five blades and there are even more exotic providers with even more blades.

ISANA men Pace 6+ razor blades 1 x 8 pieces 6-blade system + trimmer, with care glides

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Why am I telling you something about wet shavers here? First, because I want to earn stupid and stupid over the cleverly placed Ref-link and secondly, because the arms race in the smartphone game reminds me strongly of this razor blade number. It reminds me of this because I believe in both products that at some point the consumer benefits are significantly lower than for the company's marketing.

So we hear currently that OPPO has the first smartphone with 10 (!) GB of memory in the pipeline. I really do not have any performance issues with its "only" 6GB of RAM with my Samsung Galaxy S9 +. I believe that even the most modern smartphones do not need 8 GB of RAM and therefore I find it difficult to recognize the benefits in 10 GB of RAM - apart from the company, which can advertise "the first smartphone with ...".

For some time now I have made no secret of the fact that the current development of smartphones is boring me for a variety of reasons. "Let's integrate a notch for some reason to make it look like an iPhone, " is one of those reasons. Multiple lack of ideas is another reason.

I understand that it is getting hairier to offer real reasons to buy and unique features in this sea of ​​really great smartphones. The question is, which absurd flowers will play this game. The memory history is just one of many examples. Similarly absurd, this is also developing with the cameras.

The smartphone camera game has changed over the years. At the beginning, the number of megapixels simply increased. Previously, it was already an innovation that in addition to a back cam synonymous front camera was installed. From there, there was this arms race with more and more megapixels, which is only up to a point for better photos.

The dual-cam is here also a development that I can understand. I really like the optical zoom and offers an actual added value. However, Google proves with its Pixel 2 that you can also shoot world-class photos with a single-cam. Meanwhile, HTC offers us a smartphone with the U12 + , which uses the dual-cam front and rear and there are even rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S10 front could block two cameras and rear of which three.

Huawei has proven to us that the P20 Pro has three cameras working in the back . Everything raves - for a good reason - of the great photos that are possible with the device. In my opinion, this is not due to three cameras, but mainly because of the fact that outstanding technology is used, in which everything meshes perfectly with each other. I can also use five cripple cameras without the photos even getting a tad better - so mass can not replace class.

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At Samsung , however, that seems to be different, to give an example. As our friends of AllaboutSamsung report, the Koreans have a smartphone of the Galaxy A-series in preparation, which is on the back directly four times to raise cameras. Together with the front-cam we come to five, the rumors are supposed to look like this:

8 MP wide angle camera with 120 ° FOV
24 MP main camera
10 MP zoom camera
5 MP zoom camera
(24 MP Sony IMX 576 front camera)
How they are arranged is not yet known, but Lars has already presented a design for his blog.

If you compare this picture with our article picture above, you will find out that I have misused this concept to create an absurd smartphone with 16 cameras on the back with my rather adventurous Photoshop skills. I do not like to call Samsung on the basis of a leak or a rumor, that would not be very serious. But the announced event with the claim "4x Fun" already points a bit in this direction, as well as the leaks from hitherto mostly reliable sources.

It may be that I make myself completely spoonful here now, because Samsung makes it clear to us at the launch event of the Galaxy A9 Star / Pro that in the future we really need all smartphones that should be equipped with four rear cameras for the best possible results. But much more I believe that combining high-quality camera sensors with the ever-improving artificial intelligence is much more promising than unmotivated adding additional cameras. By now, of course, you have long since realized that the headline of this article is pure irony. Special camera smartphones with more zoom, better sensors etc. can work - but in my opinion rather in the niche.

From that I can not imagine that the goal may be that in a few years, all smart phones with borderless display, with Notch, with too much RAM and two cams in front and four or more cams behind the start. Let's face it: the smartphone game is getting duller and I'm worried we'll see less real innovation and more marketing stunts in the next few years.

What do you think about it? Am I digging and is it simply logical that RAM, number and clocking of the processors, display resolution and also the number of cameras must be driven further and further into the air? Or are we dealing with a rather overblown arms race, which is largely nothing but showmanship?


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