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Xiaomi: With fat hardware bundles you make fun of Apple

The Apple iPhone XS Max is expensive - even for Apple standards. Xiaomi makes fun of it now by offering a package with the Mi 8 and some additional hardware for the same price.

€ 1 649 - that's the price you pay for the Apple iPhone XS Max, if you decide on the largest possible version. That's a lot of wood - even for a company like Apple, which we're used to in the high-priced area. The fans are still eager, as expected.

However, it was also to be expected that the rest of the world will work on these high prices, no matter if it is people who make fun of it or echauffieren about it and we from the writing guild watch the price development at the company from Cupertino very attentive in this days.

To the group of those who want to use the high prices of Apple's new smartphones for their own marketing purposes, include the Chinese competitors of Xiaomi. They have not lost much time and have now put together three very interesting bundles for the Chinese market. The tri…

Why I am not buying a new iPhone for the first time 11 years ago

Apple unveiled new devices last Wednesday amid enormous media and public interest. Under the motto "Gather Round", the group then showed three new smartphone models and a new Apple Watch.

Also we could not resist completely and published before the Keynote a summary of the rumors . The rumor mill was not really wrong. So the group showed the iPhone Xs , the iPhone Xs Max and the iPhone Xr , this came the Apple Watch Series 4 . We have already thought about the names elsewhere - nicely worded -.

The backgrounds
So much for the framework - but this article should be a personal comment, so I have to represent something of my personal situation. I have been relying on Apple products for thirteen years . That concerns - since the presentation of the iPhone - beside the Mac also the Smartphone range. Nevertheless, I do not like the term Fanboy, I am rather lazy. Back in 2007, when the first iPhone was introduced, there was nothing like it. Android was still a wet dream from Google…

Comment: We urgently need smartphones with even more cameras

Supposedly brings Samsung Galaxy A9 Star / Pro in a few weeks, a smartphone with 4 (!) Back cameras. Will the madness ever end?

I am old. So old that when I was a puberty, I used to maul my first tenderly sprouting whiskers with a wet shaver that came out with a single blade. Some clever man then came up with the idea that shaving becomes much more thorough when you use two blades instead of one.

The things sold like sliced ​​bread, until at some point someone had an insane inspiration: Let's try it with three blades. Today, many men shave with razors that rely on a system with five blades and there are even more exotic providers with even more blades.

ISANA men Pace 6+ razor blades 1 x 8 pieces 6-blade system + trimmer, with care glides

Price: EUR 29.93 or used from EUR 22.98

1 customer reviews 4.0 out of 5 stars
Why am I telling you something about wet shavers here? First, because I want to earn stupid and stupid over the cleverly placed Ref-link and secondly, because the arms r…

You have bought a new gadget? - Here you will learn what you should do first

You have bought a new gadget or just unpacked your Christmas present? No matter which device it is, there are some basic tips to save you a lot of unnecessary trouble later on.

So you can make sure your gadgets and devices will run for years without problems.

1. Install updates

The motto is: switch on and update! Not a nice job, but it keeps your devices safe and working better.

Immediately after the first power up, you will probably receive some update notifications. Click on one of the notifications and the system will help you to bring the software up to date.

If you do not receive update notifications from your device, you can also search for the software updates yourself. Under macOS, you can find this option in the App Store at the bottom of the dock. Under iOS in the settings under the menu item "General" and "Software Update". On Windows devices you will find the Windows Update feature in the settings under "Update & Security". Android users c…