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The WIRED guide to the best gifts for geeks this Christmas

Try not to make unnecessary landfill. We've scoured the shops for the plain best presents for the nerd, or nerds, in your family. From fashioner shrewd speakers to iMac aquariums and Ultra HD projectors to smooth air purifiers, our master alter of Christmas presents has a tad of everything.

Searching for something somewhat unique? Look at our manual for the best toys presents for children of all shapes and sizes. Looking for the fly setter in your life? We have that secured with our pick of the best travel presents for included style and solace.

Presents for device and gaming nerds

Belkin Boost Charge Power Bank

Belkin Case

Pointed solidly at iPhone and iPad clients, Belkin's 10,000mAh limit Boost is the world's first power bank that associates utilizing a Lightning, rather than USB link. WIRED is amazed no one has done it sooner, yet this Apple-confirmed super-thin structure has been worth the pause, can be purchased with a Lightning dock for link free charging and has tw…

The best in-ear headphones for any budget

Nothing undermines all the cash that cell phone (or that compact music player) costs like poor earphones. The in-ear earphones that came free in the crate are free for a reason – and the secondary selling for in-ear redesigns is completely soaked. That is the reason we've recorded the seven best matches of in-ear telephones cash can purchase – and that is a wide range of cash, from £40 to just about multiple times that. In the event that you consider your in a hurry listening important, have a tune in to these structures: your drive will never be the equivalent again. For a progressively broad guide including a wide range of earphones, read our manual for the best earphones.

WIRED Recommends is your conclusive manual for the best apparatus. Visit our best devices manual for see our no.1 picks in each class.

WIRED Recommends: Shure SE425

Geniuses: Fine solid; great clamor separation; separable links

Cons: Nothing springs to mind

As befits an organization with a long and glad notori…