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Why Every Phone Needs an AI Camera like the Honor 10

In this post we'll be taking a look at the Honor 10 AI camera and why other manufacturers should take note. Just a couple of months ago Honor updated their flagship line with the honor 10, but for now we'll stick to talking about the strengths of its camera.
Honor 10 AI 

If you're unfamiliar the Honor 10 features a 16 megapixel F 1.8 primary camera and a 24 megapixel F 1.8 secondary monochrome camera as part of its dual camera setup, but what's all this talk about ai hi why did Honor even print out that it has an AI camera? To clarify the honor 10 uses artificial intelligence or AI for short to produce better looking photos usually when you take a photo with your smartphone camera the software uses an ordinary algorithm to process the light being received by the camera sensor, the software may not make important adjustments that would improve the look of your photos since it doesn't use contextual information like what you're trying to take a picture of.

Let's see an example this is with AI mode off, now take a look at what the AI mode was able to capture as you can see the AI really bumped up the saturation so the colors appear richer, the increased level of contrast really supplements the beauty of the scene. The same thing happened when I took a photo of the same building outdoors the non AI mode photo looks pretty good, but it's a bit flat the AI mode here increased the dynamic range and also made the colors pop out more.

The AI mode is great at recognizing when a subject is under bright lighting so it can then offer greater details in the shadows, when the AI mode is off images taken in bright conditions can come out overexposed with less dynamic range. Since the AI dynamically adjusts based on what you're taking a photo of, contrast isn't always increased when we turn AI mode on here you can see the contrast is actually reduced this makes the photo look less dramatic and more casual.

Clearly AI can really improve the look of your photos, the general trend is also of course to improve the richness of colors without AI mode images just aren't as exciting and now please enjoy this quick montage of some of our other camera samples.

But if you were thinking Honor stopped up photos think again as video capture is also improved by AI stabilization, we were quite happy with how well the camera software was able to stabilize footage without the need for expensive hardware components, there's also a few extra features built in with the Honor 10 camera app. The built-in scan feature lets you scan QR and barcodes without having to download any extra apps, you might also find its Amazon powered shopping assistant helpful as it can identify certain products and potentially help you find a better price.

All of this technology is powered by an MPU which is a dedicated piece of hardware for fast AI processing, we really hope that other manufacturers will implement similar technology in their upcoming releases. If the Honor 10 AI camera has you impressed definitely check out our overall thoughts of this eye catching smartphone in our full review, priced at just 400 Euros, it might just be the perfect affordable flagship smartphone for you.


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