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Xiaomi Mi A2 hands on: power, price, performance

Just how good can a cheap phone get and how cheap can a good phone get? Well Xiaomi for one seems intent on finding how and its latest offerings in the Android one program are pushing the boundaries even further than last year's wildly successful Mi A1, this is the Xiaomi Mi A2 hands on.

This year there are to Mi A2’s the regular and a Lite version, but don't let the name fool you because there's a lot going on in the lite version the main one misses out on like a larger battery, a headphone jack and microSD expansion. This is because the Mi A2 Lite is based off the hardware for the Redmi 6 Pro which features all those essentials. The Mi A2 on the other hand is based on the Mi 6x which doesn't instead the me a 2 delivers higher-end optics in the camera for faster chipset and more impressive top memory configuration while the Mi A2 lite aims to bring Android one right down to Android goes doorstep with a 179 Euro starting price, if you want to spend a little bit more th…

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Update & Galaxy Tab S4 Leaked

We know now that August 9th is the day that Samsung will reveal the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, we also know now or very likely that the s-pen will have Bluetooth a.

Dive into an FCC test report shows that the S-Pen Stylus on the Galaxy Note 9 will be juiced up via the phablet itself, this presumably means that the stylus is charged via the s-pen slot rather than an annoying cable. The regulator filing also notes that the s-pen can enter charging mode when the phone is wirelessly charged.

This all sounds similar to the Apple pencil which uses Bluetooth and charges by the iPad lightning connector, Apple stylus is rated for up to 12 hours of usage while a 15 second charge yields 30 minutes of use, if Samsung can deliver this type of fast charging and endurance I'm sure that Note fans will be very happy indeed and a recap for those of you don't know the Samsung Galaxy Note rumoured specs are:

6.83 inch Super AMOLED display that's 2960 by 1440 resolution with an 1859 aspect ratio. W…

Why Every Phone Needs an AI Camera like the Honor 10

In this post we'll be taking a look at the Honor 10 AI camera and why other manufacturers should take note. Just a couple of months ago Honor updated their flagship line with the honor 10, but for now we'll stick to talking about the strengths of its camera.

If you're unfamiliar the Honor 10 features a 16 megapixel F 1.8 primary camera and a 24 megapixel F 1.8 secondary monochrome camera as part of its dual camera setup, but what's all this talk about ai hi why did Honor even print out that it has an AI camera? To clarify the honor 10 uses artificial intelligence or AI for short to produce better looking photos usually when you take a photo with your smartphone camera the software uses an ordinary algorithm to process the light being received by the camera sensor, the software may not make important adjustments that would improve the look of your photos since it doesn't use contextual information like what you're trying to take a picture of.

Let's see an ex…

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S hands-on review

Smartphone companies are competing to make the world's first totally bezelless smartphones and a few companies have gotten pretty close, Xiaomi is one of them and introduced the Mi Mix a phone with an unusual aspect ratio along with thin bezels and a beautiful ceramic back, today Xiaomi is announcing a slightly updated device to the Mi Mix 2. Let's take a look at the Mi Mix 2S.

The Mi Mix 2S is nearly identical to the Mi Mix 2, you've got your rounded corners, thin bezels, front-facing camera below the screen and of course you can't forget the Mi Mix’s attractive ceramic backing.

New to the Mi Mix 2S is the addition of a second camera and the new placement of that camera setup, this is where we have to mention that its location and appearance are quite unoriginal.

On the front we've got a 6 inch 18 by 9 display with a 1080 by 2160 resolution, there's a very slim in call receiver which you might miss at first glance and below the screen is a 5 megapixel front-fa…